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History is meant to be a reminder, corrector, guide, protector to all sane minds against repeating what has been unfavourable. History is like a lamp that lightens up our paths towards the future. History is like a footstep of which when we see it, we then plant our own either accordingly or against.


If history can do all these why then do humans ignore it or repeat it negatively often? Some will claim they were not told nor taught, some will claim they were told late, whichever excuse group you fall under, just eschew yourself from it and pay attention to words of wisdom for those people have come again.


Who are they? That is exactly the question going through your mind right now, but never worry for long for naijawatchdog is here to talk about them without fear or favour.


Do you remember them now? Think, do it fast! Three years ago, seven years ago, fifteen years ago they said the same thing. They gave you hope, hopeless hope. They made you smile, fainted smile. They made you dance, wasted dance. They made you many promises, fake promises. Don’t you remember them?


They gather you every four years, tell you stories dine and wine with you and even have handshakes with you, but throw their memory of you into oblivion immediately you add an administrative title to their real names by voting for them.


They usually separate themselves into different groups, claiming to be different, but all of them are indirectly involved in the oppression you are into today. They may have different symbols; umbrella, broom, Cock or what have you, but in reality, they are the same people.


You call them politicians. Most of you call them honourables, your excellencies, etc. Since you were born and now you are getting old, have you ever seen them come to you every four years without mentioning things like: road, water, electricity, agriculture, industry, security, diversification, education and health?


If those whom you voted for twelve years ago were able to give steady power supply wouldn’t it be silly for someone to use the same thing you have to entice you again? If they gave you good roads eight years ago, will you be bought over by the sugarcoated analysis of how Enugu roads will be like that of Berlin?


If they had given you water, what are your children doing with litters of gallons on wheelbarrow? If they have invested much in agriculture, why are you still hungry and feeding from hand to mouth? If they had industrialized your cities and towns, why do you talk about unemployment? Why are you losing lives and properties in a place where security is taken serious? Why do they seek for medication abroad with all the well equipped hospitals they give to you every four years?


They smile to the banks every end of the month over their lofty wages and salaries, but cannot afford to pay you, your parents, brothers and sisters the little one meant for you. In several states in Nigeria, people are owed backlogs of salaries and pension arrears. They even have the effrontery to make the opprobrium of calling the youths lazy.


If up till this point of the article, you are yet to understand their real identities, then you are not a Nigerian. Take it or leave it, the reality stares you in the face that you cannot hide, but to accept that they have been deceiving you.


With all the diversification stories, why does oil price still affect everything you do in the economy of the country? Why do first class and middle class children in the country abandon the standard education in the country to seek substandard ones abroad?


They send their children to good schools abroad, but prefer to use the innocent Nigerian youths as political thugs. They buy guns for the youths to perpetrate illicit acts during election and later form security units to shoot and kill the possessors of such guns by tagging them worthy criminals.


They make provocative statements during and after elections which are capable of causing unrest and uproar in the nation and when they succeed, you the so called lazy Nigerian youths are converted into their foot soldiers. You are pushed to fight and kill for one man’s careless comments.


They go abroad and enjoy good transport system, but when they are made minister of transport, they see merely road as the only route of transportation. For many years, the railway is struggling, for uncountable years, Lagos has remained the only functional seaport with coastal cities like Port Hacourt, Warri and Calabar seeing their own seaports as nothing, but tourist centres or rendered unusable via unknown conditions thereby forcing everyone to go the Lagos route.


For how long shall you continue to be in the shackles, wimps and caprices of few individuals who believed they have all elements of jiggery-pokery cum political arithmetic and the grandiloquent verbosity needed to reconfigure your retentive memories in believing same old, false and boring stories?


According George Santayana, those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. Would you allow same people with same stories to make caricature of you come 2019? It high time you told them that enough is enough? It is long overdue that you remind them that government is a social contract?


Will you still collect N5,000 on Election Day and go hungry for four years? Don’t you think you need more than the usual in-house complaints that cannot cross the roof and borrow a leaf from your South African brethren and start kicking out corrupt politicians in one accord? Will you still go behind to betray yourselves when you ought to unanimously resist corrupt people?


Haven’t you suffered enough? Take a deep breath. Think about yourself and the children you have brought or planning to bring to this part of the world. Why not leave a legacy for them? Make history of resisting their evil union of vultures and eagles called political parties. Embrace individuals with good characters and sound minds.


Don’t vote or support like sheep anymore. Don’t vote a man as a local government chairman because the man you want for governor is in the same party with him? Don’t make a man your governor simply because he is in the same party with your choice of candidate for presidency.


Resist the temptation of believing that a Nigerian political party has an agenda or ideology for it is not true. They are all the same. They recycle their members into different parties just to make you think the other party is an option. Please learn to vote for individuals and not voting group of persons whose unification is at your own detriment.


In case you don’t know, this is true story. They are gathering, planning, conspiring, strategizing on how to rebrand their stories and blame games. They are thinking of who to tell you is the reason why they couldn’t deliver. Remember they told you they can do all things initially. They never believed in insurmountable situation until you gave them your mandate.


As you are thinking, don’t forget that naijawatchdog is saying that, those people, those oppressive fellows, those untruthful people are here again. Take note of this warning and make the right choices come next year.


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) made Nigerians look stupid for 16 years with selfish and deceitful leadership of lies. Suddenly, Nigerians were deceived to believe that an alternative has come. They came in 2015 and Nigerians saw how some notorious fellows among the bad eggs in PDP united with some other rotten eggs from All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) to form the All Progressive Congress (APC) that has brought no change on the positive angle.


The crisis rocking APC today as you all saw in their various congresses, shows that they all the same. The same greedy and domineering leaders that believe in perpetuation of political positions are still there. Most of them want their son in-law to replace them; some want their cousins and nephews to take up juicy positions in government to cement their political dynasty.


Say no to nepotism. Unit and crumble all their manipulative technicalities and make their political sagacity look silly even before children. Say no to any form of replication of oneself in office via election or selection of stooges and godsons.


Take your destiny in your hands and stay very much alert without any iota of distraction for THEY HAVE COME AGAIN!






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