Chief Benjamin Apugo



E.I. Ihegwuruike

An elder statesman and Board of Trustees Member (BoT) of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Prince Benjamin Apugo has said that Abia State will cease to exist if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rules Abia State for another four years.

Apugo who disclosed this to newsmen at in Nkata Ibeku, Umuahia also affirmed that it will be tragic if the PDP rules Abia State for another four years stressing that for nearly 20 years that the affairs of the state has been in the hands of the PDP, Abia has suffered tremendously as there were practically nothing to show for all the years they have been in power.

In his words, “If the PDP rules the state for the next four years, there will be nothing like Abia State again, people will die of malnutrition and hunger because in the past 20 years PDP has been in power, there are no good markets, infrastructure and the general things that can create wealth in the state.”

The Prince of Ibeku suggested that the only way that the people of the state can liberate themselves from the shackles of bad governance of PDP is to vote them out and vote in APC in 2019 so that the needed change will come to the  state.

Apugo who is also a member of the nPDP assured that the decision of the nPDP to suspend further discussion with the Presidency will not lead them to pull out of the APC.

“We can’t leave the house we built; we helped the president to win election in 2015 through mass mobilization. He contested three times before and lost. The truth is that nobody should bring his personal problems and put it on the nPDP as a bloc.

“We have talked with the party and the Federal government and we have agreed, the only mistake Buhari has made so far is neglecting us and not putting members of the nPDP in positions of trust. The bloc is a force because the nPDP ensured that Jonathan failed the 2015 presidential election.”

Apugo maintained there is no crack in the APC, but called on the members of the nPDP to coordinate themselves and meet the president over marginalization faced by members of the nPDP in the non APC states. He also appealed to the President to create presidential liaison offices in non APC-controlled States.




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