Hon. Donatus Nwamkpa, Abia APC Chairman



declares state congress as “no victor no vanquished”


E.I. Ihegwuruike


The All Progressive Congress (APC) Abia State Chapter yesterday during the inauguration of its state executives in Umuahia, the Abia state capital vowed to deliver President Muhammadu Buhari in Abia come 2019 presidential election. This is even as they vowed to take over Abia government house from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking during the inauguration at the party’s state secretariat, the Abia APC Chairman, Hon. Donatus Nwamkpa urged Abians and the entire South East to show commitment towards the realization of the Igbo Presidency 2023 by voting massively for President Buhari and the APC which he described as the paternity for Igbo Presidency.

Nwamkpa who also declared the recently concluded APC State Congress that brought him back to office as the party’s chairman in the state as “No Victor No Vanquished” pleaded with every member of the party to bury their hatchets, come together and fight for common goal of taking Abia away from the current ruling party in the state.

“One cardinal point is that APC Abia will deliver President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019. This country requires the maturity of Mr. President. It requires the consciousness of a leader who is passionate about the future of this nation. For this, we have declared that come 2019 presidential election, Abia State will deliver President Muhammadu Buhari.

“APC is the paternity to Igbo president 2023. Every privilege requires responsibility. You cannot ask for the presidency when you do not display commitment in the rules of “pass to me I pass to you” as seen in football. So, we are going to support Mr. President, we will give him enough votes to show him that we are committed to what we want. Mr. President has showed commitment to the South East and we know he will show more.

He pleaded with the aggrieved members of the party to adopt what he called the “solomite theory” which he described as that biblical theory that called for the preservation of a baby that could have been killed before King Solomon. Nwamkpa stressed that Abia APC members must avoid any call for the dismantling of the party that has been handed over to them.

“I want to declare today that in APC Abia state, no victor no vanquished. We may have our individual disagreement and differences, but that does not undermine our core objective. That objective is the end point, no matter the battalion and platoon command you belonged to we all are working towards taking over the government of Abia State come 2019.

“For our brothers who may have doubts in our ability and capacity to lead this party, we plead for their understanding. The doors are open. Politics is built on the fundamentalism of disagree, disagree and agree. Politics is a game, but it must be played according to the rules. Political arena is like a football pitch. We must play like a team. No single player can make up a team.

The Abia APC Chairman who said he extends hands of fellowship to all members of the party called for absolute commitment and dedication stressing that what lies ahead requires such in its entirety and that the party will never make headway with intra-party crisis.

“I extend hands of fellowship, unity, solidarity, collectivism, collaboration and mutual cooperation to all members of APC in Abia State. To anyone who in anyway feel offended by us in any form, we say we are sorry. Today is a new beginning. We will not win the governor of Abia State with intra party crisis.

“Whatever be our shortcomings, whatever be the basis of our disagreement we call on all of us to forget, forgive and come back let us move forward. We want commitment and dedication. Change must come to Abia. The era of mediocrity and squandermania are over.

“APC must bring change to Abia. Not change in nomenclature and name, but a change in the developmental objectives and mentality, a change in the psychology and orientation of the people, a change in the system that will embrace not just physical, but must translate in psychological, spiritual, infrastructural and economic development of Abia State.”





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