Enyinnaya Abaribe

Abaribe stop talking for Ndi-Igbo, start working for Ndi-Igbo


It was the late Senator Wilberforce Chuba Okadigbo who said that it takes a man of political sagacity to understand political arithmetic. It is high time Abians became more politically sagacious so that they can see the arithmetic their representatives are solving on their heads.

Talking for a people is not working for a people. People elect their representatives not just to go there and talk, but to go there and work for their good. Abia South is the most naturally blessed Senatorial Zone in the South East, but remains unlucky in terms of representation in the National Assembly.

For 11 years now, the zone has been under the leadership of Senator Enyinnaya Hacourt Abaribe who incidentally is the chairman of the South East Senate Caucus and arguably talks more than any other senator. according to him he is speaking for Ndi-Igbo.

Chief Nnai Nwodo, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Professor Ben Nwabueze, Professor Nathaniel Aniekwu, Professor Uzodimma Nwala, Ichie Mbazulike Amaechi and a whole lots of them are as well talking for Ndi-Igbo without taking up a senatorial position.

Currently there are several campaigns against Abaribe’s desire to return to the senate even from within his own party, the PDP, his own LGA Obingwa and the entire zone. Facts on ground show that Abaribe became politically irrelevant in the state until he jumped to sign the bail bond of IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu in 2017.

Ever since then, Senator Abaribe on several occasions has held firmly on that as a huge achievement and reason why he should be re-elected for the fourth term. In one of his talks on a radio phone in programme around second week of May 2018 in Aba, Abaribe at the studios of Magic 102.9FM Aba said, “If anybody feels he is better and that I shouldn’t go let him come out and tell the people who I went to bring out their son on bail for which the federal government is pursuing me all over the place to make sure that they jail me why I shouldn’t return.

“So, when the federal government is telling me that I may go to prison because I have bailed Nnamdi Kanu, let the people who want to say I should leave there, come out and tell those people in and out of Igbo Land who think that I am standing here for them and make a case,” he boasted.

It was at that same programme and on the same date that a regular caller on that frequency especially the phone in programme known as ‘People and Politics’ who goes by the name Mr. Ichita from Frankfurt, Germany asked the senator Abaribe to name just three constituency projects he has completed in 11 years and he couldn’t point a single one.

Little wonder why one of the senatorial aspirants in Abia State under the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Chris Nkwonta during his declaration at Akwete, Ndoki in Ukwa East LGA of Abia State, said that Abaribe’s only achievement in 11 years of senatorial duty was standing as Nnamdi Kanu’s surety.

According to Nkwonta, “The only achievement Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe can boast of since he became senator is standing surety for Nnamdi Kanu. This is not an achievement. Move around the six local government areas of Abia South, nothing has changed. Since 2007, what has changed since Abaribe emerged senator? Things are getting worse by the day. Nothing will change even if you give him 20 years at the senate.

“Senator Abaribe is calling on the people of Abia South to return him to the senate because he stood surety for Nnamdi Kanu. How does this translate to the well-being of the people? He claims to be speaking for Ndi-Igbo, but many eminent Igbo leaders are also speaking for the Igbo without being in the Senate. One does not need to be in the Senate before speaking for Ndi-igbo. There is nothing on ground to show for the long period he has been in the Senate.”

As politically ridiculous as that may sound, the grain of truth in it is very huge to be easily swept away. Many political analysts in Abia State are of the opinion that Abaribe was almost going into political oblivion before the DSS in their flimsy move went and made him look relevant again and gave him the chance to make what seems like a triumphant entry into Aba recently.

After painstakingly observing his senatorial razzmatazz and braggadocio, this medium took a tour to his oil rich senatorial zone and what was seen is a true representation of ‘show me your senator and I will tell you your senatorial zone.’ The oil producing town of Owaza in Ukwa West LGA is swimming on the ocean of poverty and total neglect. The people confirmed that their representatives including the man who knows how to talk have abandoned them. The tour shows zero project and frustrated electorates begging for a new era.

It is high time some of these Abuja based politicians in the south east realized that their constituencies are at home. Come back home and see your people. Stop talking and get into working. For 11 years talks have brought nothing to Abia South, but sorrow, pain, senatorial jiggery-pokery and total representative irresponsibility.

How can someone attract good projects when all he does is to engage in opprobrium and crack jokes about the president just to attract tribal applause? President Goodluck Jonathan and the Late Umaru Musa Yaradua was previous president that senator Abaribe served together with and what did he achieve in the eras of those ‘friendly’ presidents he cherished so much?

Naijawatchdog finds it very embarrassing to read where Abaribe was quoted to have said he was bribed by some persons he didn’t name to replace Ekweremadu. The meeting in Enugu two days ago for the 2017 budget was another political ground for unnecessary utterances and quackery political jingoism.

The question is why would those people chose him? Is it for serving well or that he is the best? Ekweremadu has many of his projects scattered all over the Enugu West Senatorial district, Uzodimma Hope has always been the darling of his Imo West people. There are many other senators including Benjamin Uwajimogu of the APC who should have jumped at that chance then. Why would anyone want the Abia South senator? Is it because of many years spent there? That might be it.

We wish to encourage the distinguish senator to look down home and see works waiting for him to do and stop talking for talking sake. He must realize that opprobrious utterances are not part of legislation. Criticism is part of democracy, but too much of everything is sin. Legislation goes with presenting bills and winning the heart of others to make it see the light of the day.

Forming a one man political caricature drama team in the senate will not attract goad roads, hospitals, employment and industries in Abia South. If the people needed a comedian there, there is no doubt that Aba is blessed with whole lots of them.

It is time to do away with politics and face governance. Take advantage of the current candle of Nnamdi Kanu’s surety that is burning now and rebrand a political career that had almost gone oblivion. Obingwa people need to see your projects, Aba North and South are waiting, Ukwa East and West are losing patience and Ugwunagbo is groaning.

Do not forget, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the large numbers are thoroughly apolitical. Counting on them is risky. The entire supporters of Nnamdi Kanu are not even showing concerned and on several occasions have use their radio programmes on Radio Biafra to term say that a surety among the sureties is  an opportunist who is riding on their popularity in the east to make himself politically relevant.




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