By Jane Odoh 

Following killing of six persons in Anambra West local government area at the weekend, some youths from the area have declared full scale war on herdsmen, insisting that there was no alternative other than “kill on sight operations.

The youths who comprises all able bodied sons and daughters of the agrarian Omambala region which includes: Anambra West, Anambra East and Ayamelum LGAs made the declaration at Nzam.

Their spokesman, Joseph Madubueze, on behalf of Inoma, Urom Etiti, Mmiata Anam and Nzam communities, the youths of Anambra West local government area were not only tired of incessant killings of their kinsmen but ready to counter the herdsmen fire for fire.

 He said: “We the youths of Anambra West local government area have watched with keen interest the way and manner the lives of our brothers and sisters in the area are being wasted like goats and chickens by the terrorist group called herdsmen.

 “We have in the past expressed our confidence in the JTF on security put in place by the state government and the activities of the community– farmers and Cattle Breeders Committee but to our chagrin the killings have continued to pervade and the activities of the these bodies are reactionary and not proactive hence deepening our woes . 

“We hereby declare as follows; that any person or group of persons suspected to be strangers in the communities would not be alive to narrate his or her experience. 

 “That any cow found  in our farm lands and the owner will no longer be spared and no amount of police or any security personnel would stop us from protecting the lives and property of our people in the name of being law abiding.

 “We no longer accept the idea of holding meetings shortly after every killing and Herdsmen or their leaders would come to pay money in exchange for the lives of our people and you cannot compare cows with human beings. 

“Shortly after the killings the state police command said that it has commenced investigation on the killings in a bid to bringing the perpetrators to book.”



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