BY E.I Ihegwuruike

The Abia state Commissioner for public utilities and water resources, Hon Chidiebere Nwoke has said that the state government will start a clampdown on all poorly drilled boreholes to save people from water borne diseases.

Nwoke said that the state government has discovered that most of the boreholes in the state were poorly done and has decided to take action that will safe the lives of Abia citizens.

He disclosed that many of the boreholes were flow from the channels of soak away which connect human faeces thereby increasing chances of contracting fecal oral diseases.

Nwoke said that the government will soon launch a water scheme project that will give the people of the state potable drinking water as alternative to some of the poorly drilled boreholes that will be shutdown soon.

“In due course, people will begin to appreciate what government will do to those who refused to abide to the rules and regulations regarding the drilling of boreholes. 

“You don’t just drilled out water from the ground and begin to drink. Most of the boreholes are not drilled with the right specifications in accordance with the law. 

“You don’t drill boreholes close to your soak away pit in the compound. It makes the water unhealthy and very soon people will begin to see that actions will be taken. 

“You handle members of the public with care. Because of the problems we have been having with provision of good portable water in the state, we decided to take it easy with people who are drilling boreholes anyhow. 

“We have actions on ground towards the provision of good portable water and once that is done and it’s now available, we will now come out fully,” he said.



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