By Alfred Agudiebube 

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has said that the claim by All Progressives Congress (APC) to the effect that former vice president and Presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar is not a Nigerian but a Cameroonian, has vindicated him.

Addressing his members through his broadcast on Radio Biafra, Kanu said, “The headline ‘Atiku Is Not A Nigerian, APC Tells Tribunal’ is vindication that everything I say on Radio Biafra is the truth. It may appear outlandish and unbelievable at first, but eventually history always vindicates me.

He however urged Alhaji Abubakar and the PDP not to waste their time debating in court about who won the election because it was obvious that he, Atiku was the election.

The IPOB said that Atiku should instead expose what he already knows by demanding that the man in Aso-Rock undergoes a DNA test to prove if he is Jubril or Buhari.

Kanu went further to say that should the man in Aso-Rock who he said is Jubril submit himself to a DNA test and confirms he is Buhari, that he will drop the agitation for Biafra. 

 “As everyone can see very clearly, it is unambiguously stated that for you to become the president of Nigeria, you must be born a Nigerian. Simply put, your birth certificate or any official notation must say clearly that you are a Nigerian. As at the time Atiku was born, his citizenship on his birth certificate read Cameroonian.” 

He described the 1999 Constitution as amended as clearly defective because those who crafted it were neither philosophers, social scientists, thinkers nor constitutional experts. 

He said the argument by some people that if Atiku was a Cameroonian, he could have been the Comptroller of Customs and Vice President will not hold water as Section 131(a) of the Constitution was clear on who should be the president of the country.

 He said that “The incontrovertible truth is that His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the former Vice President of Nigeria for eight years, became a Nigerian by virtue of the referendum of the 11th of February 1961. 

“He was not born a Nigerian and as such he became a Nigerian as a result of the British organised plebiscite held in British Cameroons to give the people of Adamawa, where Atiku comes from, the opportunity to choose where they would like to belong.

“When I first raised this issue, which incidentally has been ignored by all arms of government including INEC whose duty it is to ensure that candidates meet all stipulated constitutional requirements, it was not to insinuate or imply that Atiku is not a Nigerian, but rather to highlight the very constitutionally critical point at the heart of IPOB agitation for Biafra independence; which is that asking for a referendum is never a crime in any law known to man. 

“Therefore if Adamawa people can be allowed to freely choose where they wish to belong, then justice and equity dictates that we the people of Biafra must be allowed to do the same. This point that is lost on Justice Binta Nyako and numerous other semi-literate judges handling IPOB cases today in Nigerian courts.”

While lambasting Atiku’s defence team over what he described as their weak and porous argument that if Atiku was not a Nigerian he wouldn’t have became Nigeria’s vice-president, lived, invested and paid tax in the country for years as a citizen, the IPOB leader said by virtue of relevant section of Nigeria, anybody born in Adamawa between 1946 when Atiku was born to 1960, was not qualified to contest election as president of Nigeria. 

“That Atiku was the Vice President is not the issue at hand but rather his suitability as defined by the constitution of Nigeria. With this ridiculous born in Nigeria requirement, nobody born in present day Adamawa before 1961 or those of us born in Biafra from 1967 to 1970 can ever vie for the office of the president of Nigeria. 

“Atiku Abubakar was born on November 25, 1946 in Jada, now Adamawa State, then in Northern Cameroon, was a citizen of Cameroon but now a Nigerian by plebiscite. 

“This information has always been in the public domain. What I did was just to flag it. The only part that can be said that I pioneered is that Atiku became a Nigerian citizen by the sheer force of Referendum which is what I want for Biafra. 

“I wanted to prove to some ignorant Nigerians and their quack judges that asking for a referendum is not treasonable felony.

“What the ongoing saga confirms and what we have always known is that Nigerian government and her agents are dedicated students of Radio Biafra. 

“They learn from IPOB and implement our ideas and policies. It is clear that APC were smart enough to deploy what they learnt from Radio Biafra but PDP were slow off the mark.” 

Speaking on what should be the actions of the PDP and Atiku, Kanu said “Had PDP vigorously pursued the twin track of asking for Jubril’s DNA and demanding for a proper WAEC certificate, by now Jubril would have returned to Sudan. 

Should Jubril submit himself to a DNA test and confirms he is Buhari, I will drop the agitation for Biafra. That is how certain I am.


“The headline “Atiku Is Not A Nigerian, APC Tells Tribunal” is vindication that everything I say on Radio Biafra is the truth. It may appear outlandish and unbelievable at first, but eventually history always vindicate me. It is now over the Atiku’s team to unleash what they have against Jubril. 

“I will offer free legal advice to Atiku live on air in the hope that they will use it because it is obvious Atiku won the election and APC are deploying all instruments of coercion at the disposal of the Nigerian state to deny him his mandate. 

“Between Atiku and the man occupying Aso Rock, only Atiku is a Nigerian, the other is Sudanese. Buhari died in 2017 and should not be contesting any election in 2019. 

“There was a gentleman’s agreement amongst Fulani cabals of which Atiku is privy to, that the death of Buhari should not be made public lest IPOB take full advantage of it to break Biafra away from Nigeria. 

“Atiku played along believing that Jubril and APC won’t put up much resistance when it comes to presidential elections. He was wrong. The cabals have now refused to give up power. Jubril is their poster boy. 

“APC is counting on the fact that Atiku won’t fight dirty in public because that means authenticating the claims of IPOB and confirming what world leaders already know, that Buhari is dead. The only people who have refused to believe it are Nigerians.

“The only option left for Atiku is to remind the tribunal that he is an authentic Nigerian citizen whereas Jubril is not. No part of Sudan ever joined Nigeria as a result of referendum, at least not yet. Atiku should demand for a DNA test result to ascertain if Jubril is Buhari or not. 

“Once he lays this card on the table, the cabal will have no choice than to return his stolen mandate. Out of the two contestants, one is a Nigerian by choice not birth but the other is neither a Nigeria by birth nor by choice.

“Atiku became a Nigerian by referendum at the age of 15 but Jubril in his mid 50’s is not a Nigerian, does not hold Nigerian citizenship and is from Sudan. What Abba Kyari and his gang have done is worse than a military coup. 

“Their role in inflicting hardship on long suffering people of Nigeria and by extension Biafrans, is unpardonable. They should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanours. They are supposed to be stoned according to Sharia Law.” 

Kanu went further to say, “Another issue which Atiku’s legal team should home in on is the issue of WAEC certificate. Like a place of birth, WAEC certificate is a cardinal requirement as stipulated in the constitution. The headline “INEC says they are satisfied with Buhari’s certificate” is utter nonsense because INEC is not an examination body. 

“The only authority capable of authenticating Jubril/Buhari’s certificate is WAEC and they are still in existence. Is INEC WAEC? The answer is a capital NO. Only WAEC can respond to the issue of WAEC result not INEC. The examination body is there, still existing. 

“If PDP bigwigs have any brain, they will subpoena WAEC boss to testify under oath. That will send Jubril scurrying back to Khartoum Sudan. But PDP are cowards without the spine to fight a tyrannical impostor. To finish APC is easy but PDP lack the balls. 

“Should WAEC boss lie under oath, he or she will be tried for perjury. This is elementary law. Should they forge a result on a paper that has been aged artificially, there is carbon dating technology that will tell us when the paper was made. 

“This is a fool proof process. Buhari before his death had no certificate, Jubril has no certificate and the section 131 (4) of the Nigerian constitution is quite explicit on this, no WAEC certificate no presidency. What is Atiku and his team waiting for? 

“The issue of WAEC result can be dealt with now at this tribunal, not in a Nigerian court of law with an APC corrupt judge. If they won’t allow WAEC boss to be called as a witness, get a sworn testimony under oath and Jubril will be a goner.

“Abba Kyari and his cohorts who brought in Jubril to replace Buhari failed to reckon with the fact that no two individuals, even so-called identical twins, are exactly the same in every way. 

“It will be very foolish of PDP not to challenge this brazen insult against Atiku by insisting on a DNA test for Jubril. Should Jubril submit himself to a DNA test and confirms he is Buhari, I will drop the agitation for Biafra. That is how certain I am.”



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