By Alfred Agudiebube

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Abia State today issued serious warning to all its members to be alert of the existence of some fake social media platforms created in the name of the party and used in dissemination of Information.

The party advised and warned a certain Mr. Demian Igbokwe who is a member of the party and the Admin of a WhatsApp Group with the title: “Apc Abia & Nat’l” where party related issues are being discussed, to take it down within 24hrs or change the name to indicate that it is his personal platform.

Publicity Secretary of APC in Abia, Comrade Benedict Godson in a release issued on Friday and made available to Naijawatchdog cautioned every member in the platform to be cautious of what they do there as the party has absolutely no hand in whatever is discussed there using its name.

Godson however said that the party is not against any member who owns any social media platform of his choice, but that such should not be created in the party’s name to avoid anyone taking it to be official Information platform of the party.

The APC Spokesman added that creating such platforms in the party’s name could members make to take information from such a platform as the party’s official position in some matters which may not end up well.

He stressed that in this era of fake news and mismanagement of information which the Federal Government is warning seriously against, it is unacceptable for anyone to open any platform with the name of the party in the state without approval.

Part of the release reads, “We are not against anyone using social media. We all make use of it, but we advice the Admin of that WhatsApp Group called “Apc Abia & Nat’l” to within 24hrs take it down or he’ll hear from the party. 

“He’s free to own his platform and give it any name of his choice that’s not our business, but creating a platform with our name and making everyone think it’s official from the party is not acceptable. 

“We have many things to handle and the last thing we want now is unnecessary rumours and fake news among us. We don’t need it and such platforms created in our names and anything that comes out from it will always be attributed to us. 

“I reiterate, let him take it down or simply change the name and continue other things. What’s important to us is our name “APC Abia” and nothing else.”



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