By Alfred Agudiebube

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu yesterday in a live broadcast chided the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the governors of South East Nigeria over persistent Fulani herdsmen attack.

Kanu said that his group will never succumb to any pressure from any quarters aiming to turn Igboland into Ilorin which he said lost most of its Yoruba heritage through several years of Fulani conquest.

He stressed that all those opposed to IPOB should use the condition of the Middle Belt region of Nigeria to appreciate what will happen in Biafra land should what he termed Fulanization agenda is allowed to succeed.

The IPOB leader went on to say that nothing can stop the already scheduled 30th May sit at home order as it is only meant to remember the heroes of Biafra as been observed all over the world. 

In his words, “Injustice after injustice has been meted out to our people with nobody rising up to organise a philosophical and ideologically consistent mass resistance against it until we IPOB came along. 

“Our reward was betrayal after betrayal by Ohaneze, Igbo governors, some “Efulefus” and poverty stricken fellows that lack the discipline to understand what freedom fighting is all about. 

“The mission of these misguided slaves is to turn our land into another Kwara State or Illorin to be precise. 

“They want the land of our ancient people to become another vassal Fulani caliphate with quislings in charge the same way some Yoruba Muslims answerable to Sokoto Caliphate are in charge of Yorubaland today.”

Speaking further he said, “To appreciate what the future holds for us without IPOB, simply look at what non Fulani Islamic populations are going through in the Middle Belt.

“Their conditions will help you to appreciate what shall become if us in a few years time if we fail to do something now by supporting IPOB with all our might. 

“Things have gotten so bad to the point that Ohaneze, Obiano, Ugwuanyi, Umahi and Ikpeazu that were at the forefront of assisting their Fulani masters in tagging IPOB a terror group are now impotent before Fulani terrorists invading our land on a daily basis, slaughtering and maiming at will.

“Ironically it has been left to the same betrayed IPOB to step up and defend our communities under attack in Ebonyi, Enugu and Anambra. 

“Have you heard any of these governors speak up against the killing of our people by Fulani terror herdsmen? 

“The reason why I fight saboteurs where ever I see them is because I don’t want what Afonja did in Yoruba land to happen to us. Fulani will enter here and will never leave forever. 

“Look at middle belt and what’s happening there today. Their lands are gone and gone forever and ever. This is why we will keep shouting and pointing out who the saboteurs are in our land. 

“We don’t want to be victims of Fulani Caliphate. God forbid as it can never happen. Ohanaeze wants to turn us into Ilorin with Muslims in charge the same way some Yoruba Muslims are in charge guiding and controlling reasonable and sensible Yoruba people. 

“Look at it now, Tinubu must work with the cabals. They are all Muslims and I have nothing against them anyway. He can sell the whole of Yoruba land in other to make sure that he gets into power which was the same thing Afonja did and.lost Ilorin. 

“That’s why we’ll keep screaming whenever Nnai Nwodo and his people tries to go out of line. We don’t want what happened in the past to happen here. 

“Do you think fulanis will leave Tiv and Jukun land including Southern Kaduna? The answer is never. Everybody must work hard to ensure that Biafra comes because if it doesn’t we are gone.” 

Kanu went on to question the move by some persons to stop the 30th May Biafra War Victims Remembrance Day, adding that such moves will fail as honour must be given to the fallen and leaving heroes of Biafra 

“All over the world they honour their dead heroes. They do their anniversary. The end of the armistice was over 100 years ago, but every year, they still remember.

“Nigeria just passed a bill to recognise and honour June 12 as democracy day  because of one man. These same people then turn against IPOB for honouring 3.5 million victims of genocide and those that fought to save those of us who are alive today. 

“These same band of God forsaken Fulani slaves in our midst is telling us not to honour over 3.5 million victims of genocide and the brave men that fought to keep us alive. 

“What a bunch of soulless evil men. They are telling us not to honour our own people because an Igbo man or any Biafra for that matter is not worthy to be honoured in Nigeria. 

“These are the same people whose politics of acquiescence and compromise put us in the mess IPOB is trying to fix today. 

“We must send a clear, unambiguous message to these Fulani slaves in our land that we must honour our brave fathers and mothers that fought for us.

“We are going to sit at home on 30th may to remember and honour over 3.5m Biafrans killed by Britain through Nigeria.

“This same mindset led us to forget the heroic exploits of our mothers in 1929 of which this 2019 is the 90th year. But come November this year, we must remember them.

“The manipulative Nigerian media and some Efulefus born beside a refuse pile in Lagos made you to also forget the bravery of our mothers and fathers at the coal mines in Enugu in 1949.

“Some of you have been brainwashed by the Efulefu brigade, mostly wayward but educated children of Biafran extraction born outside Biafraland with a deep seated resentment for self. 

“These brigade of educated ignoramuses is the reason why landlocked Kaduna has a port where your containers can be transported to and collected almost free of charge if you are Fulani Arewa or Hausa but Biafran cities located on the deep water shores of the Atlantic ocean have no functioning seaport.

“Some of these ignorant fellows talk about “Aku ruo ulo” (think home) or divesting business interests to Biafraland as if you can build a viable economy without seaports, railways and proper international airports. 

“They claim they are wise and educated but fail to grasp simple rudimentary economics. Over the years the one Nigeria mantra clouded our sense of judgement into believing that someday the British favourite child the Fulani will see reason and decide to deal fairly with us but it has never happened. 

“These same British people that gave us their names, education and most critically religion, actively planned our extermination as a people because we dared to chart a new destiny for ourselves away from the straight-jacket dictates of neo-colonialism.”

Speaking further Kanu said, “Tell me where it was ever written in the history of Nigeria where Fulani people were shot dead fighting for everybody, confronting the British? 

“Tell me where the Yorubas also fought the British? Why is it that it was only us? When Arochukwu fell in 1904, seven sons from Arondizogu moved to Ahaba (Asaba) to form the feared and dreaded Ekumeku. 

“I don’t need to teach anyone on Radio Biafra that we need to unite as one because we are already one. We faced the British every inch of the way and that’s why they hate us. We resisted them in 1929, in 1949 and these are historically documented facts. 

“From 1901-1902, the Anglo Aro War was fought and we fought them every inch. But when they went to Fulani land, they opened everywhere for them and that’s why they said these ones are more obedient monkeys not the other ones who are rascals from the East and that’s why they hate us. 

“There’s nothing like one Nigeria and it will never be. We must remind ourselves how we got to where we are today. I want to let you know that your so called elites in the East are useless. 

“They think I’m like them who sabotage to make ends meet. IPOB is not like you. We want everyone to be free. As soon as Biafra comes I’ll go and rest. I’m not like most of you.

“Come rain come shine, we must honour all those who fought, died or survived from the war to the beginning of this very agitation on the 30th of May. 

“We must sit at home to honour all the victims of starvation including little children who died due to air, land and sea blockades placed on us by Britain during the war. 

“Nigeria didn’t defeat Biafra in any way. It was Britain in alliance with the West and the East that did. It was all about Russian weapons, Egyptian Pilots, and sometimes OAU soldiers. 

“We fought against the whole world for three years and that’s why nobody wants our history read because Britain know we will keep resisting oppression. We are Republicans by nature. We don’t accept slavery at all.”



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