By E.I Ihegwuruike

The Police in Abia State has arrested 15 police personnel under it who were involved in extortion of money from the civilian population. 

The state Commissioner of Police, CP Ene Okon while disclosing this said that the Nigeria police will not shield any corrupt person within its workforce who is trying to tarnish its good image.

Reacting to the calls made by traditional rulers during a Town Hall Meeting in Aba, urging him to call some of his deviating officers to order, Okon assured that the Nigeria Police does not shield anyone with criminal behaviour.

Okon pointed out that the command is determined to get rid of bad eggs within it which was why it declared one Sergeant Colins Apugo who is now at large, wanted for killing Mr. Christian Onuoha in Umuahia.

He further disclosed that a reward of N500,000 will be given to whoever has information on his way about.

Okon however urged the members of the public to resist giving money to any officers who tried to extort them, stressing that every citizen ought to know his right and stand on it.

“We are the only organization that when you err, we punish. All of you must have heard about a police man that shot somebody and killed on the 4th of June in Afara Umuahia? 

“After killing, he ran away and disappeared. We have declared him wanted and we have placed N500,000 on his head. Anybody that will give us Information on his arrest, collects N500,000 cash from me,” the CP said.

Speaking on bribery and extortion by police officers, Okon said, “It takes two to tangle. If you don’t give the police will not take. It starts from you. If you know that you’ve not done anything wrong, if you know that you’re operating your joint according to rules, if a police man comes, you prove to him that you know your right. 

“I don’t know that police man that will not be afraid to even tell you bring knowing that you know your right.  Insist that you know your right. Let me be very frank to you, I am not supporting police collecting any money. 

“As I’m talking to you, I have 15 policemen in my cell. 7 were arrested here at Opobo Junction when I heard the information that they were collecting money. I sent out my monitoring unit and my monitoring unit went there and met them in the act and arrested them. 

“I subjected them to investigation and we have completed investigation and they’re undergoing ‘orderly room trials’. Let God be with them if they’ll escape. At the end of the day, they’ll turn to civilians and be giving money too and see how painful it is. 

“I have monitoring unit. We are not sleeping on it. I don’t like it, but you too must stop giving. If you don’t give, they’ll not take. Insist on your right. My phone number is here, call me, give me the information and see what will happen.”



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