By Segun Olubayo

A former Aviation Minister, Chief  Femi Fani-Kayode, in this contribution to the raging controversy on the Ruga settlements, says the move is a ploy to take people’s land: 

Fani-Kayode in an angry piece wondered why Federal Government wants to establish Ruga settlements all over the country for the Fulani and their cows and asked if cattle business is government business? 

He urged every Nigeria to rise up and send back the Fulanis who worship cows, live by the sword, relish in shedding blood and who came to their land from distant shores back to their original homes.

In his words “First it was political sharia. Then Islamist Boko Haram. Then terrorist herdsmen. And now Ruga cow settlements. 

“Does the Federal Government say it wants to establish Ruga settlements all over the country for the Fulani and their cows?  Is cattle business government business? 

“They have taken everything from us.  And now they want to take away our land! Well, I have news for them: this will not happen without a fight! It can only happen over our dead bodies! 

“Are we really one nation? Were we EVER one country? Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Premier of the Western Region of Nigeria, raised this question in his famous book,  ‘Paths To Nigerian Freedom’, as far back as 1947 and his answer then was a resounding “no”. 

“72 years later I have to say that I agree with him and that he has been vindicated. Nigeria is not one nation and I do not believe that we ever were. 

“We were just pretending and lying to one another: publicly professing love but secretly hating. 

“The Lugardian formula of a forced union and amalgamation of ethnic incompatibles and different and conflicting races, religions and cultures in one national super-stratem always results in a depressed, decaying and dysfunctional nation where mutual respect, love and trust has no place. 

“Permit me to be specific. Let us consider Great Britain. I believe that BREXIT is the best thing for the United Kingdom and that is why I support my old friend Boris Johnson for the position of Prime Minister. 

“I do not see anything wrong in people trying to take their country back from foreigners and aliens. 

“Again I do not see anything wrong in rejecting a model, association and system of government which takes your identity, power, self-respect and dignity away from you and allows your nation to be controlled and your fate and destiny to be determined by a small group of unelected faceless officials and technocrats who reside at the heart of the European Union in Brussels. 

“A people and a nation ought to control their own destiny and not conceded that right to others. And of course, this is what we need to do in Nigeria. 

“We must take control of our destiny, free our people from bondage and slavery and wrestle control and power back from those who worship cows, who live by the sword, who relish in shedding blood and who came to our land from distant shores. 

“We must send them back to Guniea, Mali, Niger Republic, Chad and Futa Jalon where they originally came from. 

“We MUST get our country back! Failing that we must march out of this illicit, godless, accursed and unsolicited forced union and establish our own new nation. 

“The concept of the multi-racial, multi-cultural, hybrid, mongrel nation-state has failed in Nigeria and resulted in nothing but Fulanisation and Islamisation. 

“We cannot bear it any longer and neither should we have to. The British that forced it upon us long ago and that put us in this unworkable, evil contraption without ever even consulting us have themselves rejected the concept of a multi-racial and multi-cultural society and are no longer prepared to accept it in their shores. 

“BREXIT presents an eloquent testimony to that and there is plenty more to come. You can call me xenophobic, racist, nativist or tribalist, I really do not care! I am proud of my history, culture, heritage, racial stock, religious faith and who and what I am. 

“I can trace by bloodlines and lineage back to five generations and that is deeply gratifying and inspiring to me. It is from there and the Spirit of God that I draw my strength. 

“I know the values and virtues that my forefathers cherished, fought for and lived by and I intend to inculcate.”



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