By E.I Ihegwuruike

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), has lauded the management and students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), on their recent remarkable inventions in automobile and electricity.

COSEYL said that last week’s remarkable breakthrough in the successful invention of  first five-seater electric car christened “LionOzumba551″, coupled with the invention and inauguration of a 100KVARefuseDrivedFuel(RDF)gasificationplant for its Nsukka Campus three months ago, prove that the institution is leaving its dream of becoming the hub of innovation in sub-saharan Africa.

In a release, the President General of COSEYL  Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem,  said the dual achievements within a space of three months has once again put the Nigeria’s foremost indigenous university on the international map of famous inventions.

The Lion Ozumba 551 which got its name from the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Chukwuma Ozumba who was said to have laid the foundation of innovations before he left, is said to be made with 80 per cent locally-sourced materials and could undertake a 30-kilometer distance when fully charged.

UNN VC Office

The release reads in part, “This technological innovation and invention by UNN is indeed commendable and should be encouraged.

“We call on the Federal Government to support the UNN financially and in other areas to embark on more research and innovations that will bring about technological breakthrough. 

“From what we have seen so far, it means that the university is poised to make positive contributions for the development of science and technology in the country. 

“This feat attended by UNN needs to be supported and encouraged by all. For the past years, electricity generation has really been seen as a big problem in Nigeria and it has really slowed down industrialization in the country. 

“Now that UNN has provided a dependable alternative source of power with organic waste and an electric car, we urge the FG to as a matter of urgency to sponsor its mass production for domestic uses.”

COSEYL called on the Federal Government to encourage the foremost university further by re-establishing the department of chemical engineering in the institution which was reportedly in existence at the early years of the institution.

“It is heartbreaking to note that the faculty that has achieved such feat technologically is not allowed or permitted by the Federal Ministry of Education to offer Chemical Engineering as acourse in that institution. 

“This denial by the Federal Government for UNN not to offer Chemical Engineering has really robbed the university and the country of great innovations and research that would have benefitted the university and the country. 

LIon Ozumba 551

“In Nigeria, there are three major regional universities namely: University of Ibadan, University of Nigeria and Ahmadu Bello University. While UI and ABU offer Chemical Engineering, only  UNN is not allowed to do so why? 

“Whatever might be the reason, we call on the Federal Government to cancel it and allow this famous university of our pride to offer Chemical Engineering that will produce great students who will make positive innovations that will improve the technological innovation and invention for the country. 

“Now we have UNN really doing well in technology, they should be encouraged to exploit more research by opening thedepartment of Chemical Engineering to promote more chemical research that will be used to boost the Agricultural Sector like production of herbicides, pesticides, and other vital chemicals needed for Agriculture and other sectors in the country. 

“We urge the FG as a matter of urgency having seen the undeniable contributions of the university to the technological advancement of the country; allow the university offer Chemical Engineering as a course in theinstitution. 

“We strongly believe that if it is done, the university will make the country proud by making ground breaking contributions to the chemical and technological developments of the country.”



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