Tragedy struck on Saturday, 10th of August 2019 when a police officer attached to the escort unit of Rev. Magnus Ebere of Cananland Adoration Ministry was reportedly lynched by angry youths at 5-Mile Junction Umuokpara, Umuahia South LGA, Abia State.

Naijawatchdog gathered that fracas started when some youths who were on a burial procession at the Junction had a confrontation with the police officer attached to the Mail born priest who reportedly shot one of the youths on his lap and injured several others on the process.

Our correspondent gathered that the burial procession was for a young Okada rider popularly known as Agwo who was killed two weeks ago by a speeding driver at Ekenaobizi-Umuokpara.

Agwo who hailed from Umunnana in Ehume Umuokpara, Umuahia South LGA was crushed by a driver of a Sienna whose name is Bright AKA Opi from Umuba-Ezeleke Ekenaobizi Umuokpara very close to the IMO River boundary of Abia and Imo State along Onuimo/Umuahia Road.

Naijawatchdog gathered that the ambulance heading the procession was running slowly and caused serious traffic jam at the 5-Mile Junction, at the boundary between Ezeleke and Ekenaobizi Umuokpara when suddenly a bag belonging to one of the women on the convoy of “E-Dey Show” had her bag allegedly snatched by one of the youths.


This action as gathered, angered the police officer who according to report was persuaded by his colleagues not to attack the youths, but he never listened and went ahead to shoot one of the processing youth.

An eyewitness told Naijawatchdog that the youths went after the officers as others took their shot colleague to hospital while the office kept shooting and injuring many of the youths who were coming after him.

Meanwhile the vehicle where the Rev. Father was in, gained a little space and zoomed off abandoning the police officer who kept shooting harassment bullet in the air until he rain out of bullet.

A source in the areas narrated that the youths vented their anger on him when they got hold of him and beat him beyond recognition of which allegedly resulted to his dead.

It was also gathered that police officers have been combing the area since arresting and taking away the youths over the incident because it was learnt that some of the youths took his rifle away.

Meanwhile, the AK-47 rifle was returned by the youths who took it following the intervention of the President General of Ehume Umuokpara who asked them to return in collaboration with the police who later arrested them.



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