By Alfred Agudiebube

Seun Anikulapo Kuti, the the youngest son of famous afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikilapo Kutitook the place of his father on Wednesday as he likened Nigeria to a concentration camp where everyone is trying to escape from to have life.

Seun who spoke to ObjectTv in Lagos also blamed the elite for the high rate of crime in the country as they the oppressors have pushed the people to a position of no return.

Just like his father, he went on to link the western world to the high rate of crime in Africa with expository examples on cases that are still pending, but ignored to gain certain favour.

Seun called on the oppressed Nigerians to rise up and liberate themselves stressing that non of the benefitting oppressive elites in the current day Nigeria will ever work for the freedom of the oppressed.

He also said that tagging the attitude of Nigerians drown in the Mediterranean Sea just to get to Europe as migration is totally erroneous because there is a difference between escaping and migrating.

Seun stressed that those Nigerians drowning in the high seas are escaping from Nigeria because the country is a prison with psychological fences and bars that restrict people from succeeding thereby leading to such escapes that are wrongly tagged migration.

“We are leaving in an open air concentration camp. If you know what a concentration camp is, tell me how Nigeria is not an open air concentration camp? Yes, you don’t see the fences and bars because they’re  psychological and mental. 

Images from the Mediterranean Sea

“You don’t see the bars, but they’re there. Do you see Nigerians drowning in the seas? They are escaping because that’s not migration. That’s is escaping and never migration. When you’re willing to drown in the ocean to get to somewhere, that’s no longer migration it’s escaping. 

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“Let them not be lying to us again. That’s why they use these words in their news. People are drowning and you call it migration? It’s escape. There’s a difference. People don’t escape from countries. You escape from prisons, concentration camps and from oppressive situations. 

“Nigerians are escaping. If they think I’m lying and they believe that Nigeria is not a prison, the west should open their border for just 48 hours. If the west say that I’m lying and that this Africa they created is viable, they should just open their borders to Africans for just 48 hours and see what will happen. 

Images from the Mediterranean Sea

“Are they not our mother countries anymore? They used to call them the metropolis and we the colonies; oya now, open the metropolis for the colonies for 48 hours and see,” he said

Speaking further on the condition of Nigeria, Seun said, “This country was created by the British to take away our labour, our resources and to exploit us. That’s what Nigeria was created for and that’s what Nigeria is doing till today.  

“Exploiting our labour in the cities and stealing our resources in the rural areas. You can see it now, they held all of us into these cities like Lagos, they push all of us out into these small cities by the millions away from where the money is. All the golds, all the oil, they come and build all these things in this place that has nothing. 

“We all rush here, living under the bridge, on top of water, living in slumps thinking and believing that we are going to make it. We all live here struggle from our twenties till you’re fifty and you have no strength to struggle again, you go back to the village. By time you go back and see what’s really happening, you’re too old to fight and too poor to talk.”

Part one of Seun’s interview

Speaking on revolution and how to end the oppressive system, Seun said,  “Our job as the oppressors is to end oppression. But the fake elites and activists are here to perfect oppression. 

“You watch TV they show you a new black billionaire everyday and you believe them. There’s no formula you can use to perfect oppression. They cannot do it. 

“We are historical beings. We are here to make histories. Everybody goes around saying Good didn’t create me for nothing. But the only contest that they understand that is that they’re here only to make money. 

“They have imperialistic and capitalistic ideas. The major job of the elites who are our oppressors is to rob of that consciousness from the young age that you cannot change your situation and that these are how things are supposed to be. 

“They make you believe that your intelligence is graded on how best you can make of the this terrible situation for yourself and not on how you can generally change the situation not only for yourself and your class. 

“You are educated by your oppressors. They decide what you learn in school. It’s their spirit that they put into you right from school. What you learn in school is their message. That’s why we all live in this duality of we are both oppressed and oppressors at the same time. 

“People don’t understand that. That’s why you see a man that’s fighting for Atiku, Buhari and Tinubu and you’re wondering why he’s doing that. That is because we’ve been indoctrinated by their spirits and we now believe that as long as you’re Atiku, Buhari or Tinubu you’re free. Now, Atiku, Buhari and Tinubu are now the meaning of freedom to people. 

“Everybody just want to be free. Why do you think the people of Niger Delta where the whole resources come from are meant to be so poor? Or the people in Borno and those areas as well where most resources come from? The answer is because with poverty comes voicelessness and silence. Poverty silences. 

“And when a man has no voice, there’s nothing we wants than to get it and then you take him to school and tell him that the only way to have a voice is to be like your oppressors. Instead of telling him to changing the system will make him get a voice, you tell him that emulating  the oppressors will help him get a voice. 

“That’s why you see people fighting for these guys. If Atiku can be imprisoned or suddenly made voiceless, then we have cognitive dissonance because our entire hope and everything we’ve been fighting for, we’ll find out that it is zero because, even Atiku can be robbed and even Dino Malaye can be arrested.”

He continued and said, “People don’t understand what freedom is really. The hope is to end oppression and not to become the new oppressor. Nobody who’s benefitting from this current Nigeria can bring freedom to us. 

“If you go to them, they’ll give you one million reasons why Nigeria is working, but in reality Nigeria is not working. It is the duty of the oppressed to do it. Words without action is verbalism. If we must liberate the people we must let them understand their historical responsibility.”

Speaking on what the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), did to former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremmadu in Nuremberg, Germany, Seun said, “I will not be happy when next Nigerians plan to beat a politician and I’ll not be there. I was in Europe then, I think we need more hands. At least I should be there. I will not tell you what I’ll do but I’ll like to be there.”

 Speaking on the FBI list of fraudulent Nigerians, Seun said that the profiling of Nigerians on issue of criminality does not affect his life as well as long as the riches of multibillionaires in Nigeria does not affect him as well.

He however, faulted the American government saying that if the Federal Government is brave enough, they should as well release a counter list of thousands of fraudulent Americans in Nigeria who uses Chevron oil company to steal the country dry.

“I don’t have time to link myself to any group that commit crime. Even if 77 Nigerians are committing crime, there are over 1000 Americans in one company called Chevron committing crime every second here in Nigeria. 

“The government of Nigeria will never be brave enough to publish a counter list because they’re also taking their shares. The American government encourages criminality in Nigeria. Take the case of Atiku Abubakar for example. He has a criminal case in America. 

“An American Senator, Andrew Young was sentenced because of the deal with Atiku. But the same American government granted Atiku 24 hours entry into America when he was about to run for president to negotiate whatever he wants to negotiate with them. 

“For 24 hours his criminality was suspended. For what? At what point does criminality become acceptable for 24 hours? But they can release 77 lists of Nigerians that poverty has pushed into crime. Should we even go to the reason why people commit crime? Is it not the greed of the elites? You put people into poverty and you tell them while in their poverty that since they don’t have money they don’t have dignity and that it’s only money that can buy them dignity. 

“Now everybody is looking for a voice. The status symbols and the luxury goods that the rich produce. Not only that they produce it, they go to the poor neighborhood and advertise it. Not only do they advertise it, they also use conspicuous consumption to  oppress the poor while the poor stay in their condition without any legitimate hope of escaping. 

Part two Seun Anikulapo Kuti speaking

“Now, there’s a difference between a man that commits crime to eat and a man that is already eating, but still committing crime. Tell me why people in the Senate are still stealing? Tell me why we are finding $47 million dollars in an empty apartment in a country where they said there’s no money to build hospitals? Ordinary Andrew Yakubu who is just a GM of NNPC has $9 million dollars cash in his house. 

“In that his community where they found that money, there’s single good school for the poor. And you’re talking about 77 persons. I don’t even know them. The problem with us mother land people is that we think first as Europeans, think again as Nigerians and before we decide to think as Africans it’s usually too late. 

“People don’t understand what Nigeria is. The fact that they renamed us is already an oppressive act. I’m Yoruba, but the only way I can see the world is as a Nigerian instead of Yoruba. This means that as a Yoruba I’m barred from seeing the world. 

“My true identity is not allowed to see the world. I must carry my Nigerian passport, take Nigerian identity everywhere like a sanctioned salvage. This salvage has been civilized from Yoruba to Nigeria now he can go and see the world. That’s what they do.”



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