By Alfred Agudiebube, Aba

The level of inhuman politics in Abia State has been taken extremely far following the arrest of a popular madman who specializes in criticizing bad government in Aba, after he lambasted Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu led administration in Abia State for their poor performance.

Naijawatchdog gathered from sources at the market that after the video which went viral on Thursday last week, Chairman of the Eke-Oha Market popularly known as Shopping Centre, Chief Friday Dimiri called some police officers to arrest the madman in a bid to make a counter video.

One of the sources said that Dimiri who hails from Ohanze in Obingwa LGA which is the home of the Abia first lady and has being battling to keep his position as the market Chairman after the state government countered his illegal extortionist tendencies,  wants to use the arrest of the madman to win back his in-law’s trust and also persuade some big politicians who felt insulted by the madman’s rugged verbalism against them.

The source said that the counter video meant to correct all the expository remarks the madman made against Ikpeazu’s administration, was orchestrated and directed by Dimiri and co who arrested the madman,  kept him in a house, gave him a nice cloth held some video and tape recorders and went on to practically force words in and out from his mouth.

This is the video where he was practically forced to indict Alex Otti

In the video, the interrogators were at the background forcing and coercing the madman to mention the name of the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr. Alex Otti and other persons they claimed are working for him at the market of which they made him say he was paid N10, 000 to speak against Okezie Ikpeazu.

Naijawatchdog also gathered from sources at the Eke-Oha that Dimiri with the help of some policemen from Zone-9 Umuahia also carried out arrest of some fellow traders on Monday which may not be unconnected with the madman’s case.

Information coming out from Eke-Oha had it  that some top politicians in Abia State have empowered Dimiri by giving him a team of policemen from Umuahia who are now working with him to arrest and deal with anyone who dares to speak against the intimidation going on at the market and tag the persons enemy of government.

One the sources who spoke on the condition of anonimity to Naijawatchdog said, “The most laughable part of the video was where they went as far as forcing the madman to say that he’ll be campaigning for Okezie Ikpeazu to become the president of Nigeria in 2023.

“To show how wicked this market Chairman and his paymasters from government house are, they conspicuously wrote down the names of their perceived enemies and those who probably don’t want to be associated with the Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration and forced the madman to mention them for public consumption to enable them justify the unlawful arrest of those people.

“The madman went ahead to read out the following names of popular traders like: Jude Osuagwu, Innocent Anosike, Ugochukwu Oriaku, Chima Onuoha and one Augusta while steadily looking at the paper they put behind which their camera men tried to avoid capturing, but failed as the eyes of the madman kept steadily on it.

“In their foolishness, they forgot they were dealing with a madman. You watched the video and you can agree with me that during the calling of the names, the madman was practically looking at a paper besides him which the camera tried to avoid without any success.

“To make the video more of a kindergarten blackmail, just few seconds after calling the written down names, the madman openly confessed that he does not even know the original names of the people that gave him the N10,000 and went on to say that it was a joint contributory efforts by the same people.”

Naijawatchdog observed that after calling the names of those men, a strong voice from behind said, “let me ask you a simple question. I want to know the name of one person that gave you that N10,000”? 

Speaking further the source said, “at that point where they were forcing him to mention one particular name, take a good look at that madman, you’ll see that someone from background gave him a sign. This was the time they were trying to force him mention the name of Alex Otti.

This I the first video where he blasted Ikpeazu’s administration

“Also at the background, one of his interrogators asked if he’ll recognize any of the people that gave him money when he sees them, but another voice interrupted and said, “we’ve arrested some of them.” There after, the interrogator suggested they should shoot the madman in Igbo slang: “ka anyi pia nu onyea igwe.” meaning, let us use a gun on him.

“Take your time to watch that video and  you’ll discover that the market Chairman and other people involved in dehumanizing the madman were practically forcing words in and out of the madman who practically looked unhappy and unsecured at scene of that ungodly interrogation.

“These men without shame went as far as coercing a madman to apologize for criticizing Ikpeazu’s administration on poor infrastructure in Abia State of which everyone with two pair of eyes can see clearly that Abia is in a deep mess.

“Whatever the aim of those who did this video was agonizingly failed because, the Alex Otti they wanted the madman to indict will be laughing at this kindergarten blackmail because the producers and directors of that video failed woefully. If I were their paymasters, I’ll put them all in jail for shaming us.

“If a government could stoop so low and goes after mad people in their desperation to save their none performing administration, what else can’t they do? Abia is in a big mess.”

Meanwhile, some other persons have argued that the madman who speaks eloquently is not actually mad, but usually employed by political adversaries of s nonperforming leader to make caricature of the government.

Naijawatchdog also gathered that it was the same madman that gave former Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha hell with serious criticism.



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