By Alfred Agudiebube

Before now, the law degree was the signature course/degree of the Abia State University (ABSU), beyond all other courses/degree programmes that the University offers.

The Abia State University Faculty of law has produced very eminent lawyers, jurists and academics over the years, since its establishment and most of its products have proven their mettle in every sphere of the legal practice within the country and beyond.

The law faculty used to be located at the main campus of the University in Uturu Isiukwuato, Local Government of Abia State, but was very recently relocated to Umuahia the state capital.

Since its relocation, politicians that populate the state capital city have cashed in on its proximity to update their academic statuses which, on its own, is not a bad idea.

However, this has taken a very criminal and derogatory dimension that has put to question, the quality of the degrees awarded by the faculty.

Most of the Political aides in the government House, Commissioners and House of Assembly members have gained admission into the faculty of law as direct entry students and do not find the time to attend classes for lectures and in some cases do not even sit for the semester examinations but rely on mercenaries.

Mr. Eze Onyekwere, took to his Facebook account to write and was also published by that Hon. Ginger Onwusibe is an Isiala Ngwa North politician and Member Representing Isiala Ngwa North state Constituency was recently fingered in a pathetic development of examination fraud.

Onwusibe as gathered by Naijawatchdog is one of the direct entry students who enrolled into the faculty of law using all political influences available to him.

His direct entry studentship of the faculty of law calls for serious questioning because as a direct entry law student, he never attends classes and does not also sit for the semester examinations.

On Friday the 11th of October, 2019, one Mr. Oparah Hackeney Chidera a 400-level law student of the faculty entered for, and wrote the Constitutional law (217) examination which is meant for 200 level students.

Onwusibe who was supposed to sit for the same examination was no where visible in the Examination hall as he was conspicuously missing.

When Mr. Chidera who hails from Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State submitted his script, it was discovered that the matriculation number on the answer sheet he tried to submit belongs to Hon. Ginger Onwusibe.

He was apprehended by one of the invigilators, Bar. Steve and he made a confession that he was an examination mercenary paid by the said Ginger Onwusibe to help him write the examination.

The course, Constitutional law (217) is a course taken by the renowned and respected Dr. AC.B Agbazuere who also hails from Isiala-Ngwa.

As at now, the Dean of the Faculty Prof Sampson Erugo and the Vice Chancellor of the school, Prof Ikonne are trying to suppress the further investigation of this crime based on the fact that they all come from Isiala Ngwa North Constituency which Ginger Onwusibe represents in the State Assembly.

The question here will be why these academics will choose and have an intellectual nitwit like Mr. Ginger Onwusibe as their representative and still work towards issuing him with a degree that he cannot defend.

Information available to us reveals that there are some staff of the faculty who are prepared to write a petition against Professor Sampson Erugo, the Dean of the faculty, to the Legal Practitioners privileges and Disciplinary Committees and the Nigerian law school should he compromise this investigation on the alter of nepotism.

Also, another aide of the Governor Chinenye Nwogu is also a direct entry 200 level student of the faculty of law.

He does not attend classes also and when he attempted to walk into the examination hall to sit for the Legal method examination, he was walked out by the Lecturer one Haggler who insisted that any student who does not attend his classes will not sit for his examinations.

As at Monday, October 14, 2019, Mr. Ginger Onwusibe was seen trying to gain entrance to sit for the law of contract.

He was temporarily stopped from entering the examination hall but was subsequently allowed in.

That has become the trend in the administration of the faculty of law in Abia State University. Politicians have taken over and the law degree is now commercialized and politicized.



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